Greater bioavailability:

Oral minoxidil is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, allowing it to reach hair follicles in different areas of the scalp more effectively than topical minoxidil.


Inside Out Action

By entering the bloodstream, oral minoxidil stimulates hair growth from within the hair follicles, which is beneficial for treating widespread or extensive hair loss.


Precise dosage

Oral Minoxidil allows for more precise dosing, as it comes in tablets or capsules with pre-established doses, avoiding the risk of incorrect or uneven applications as occurs in the case of topical Minoxidil.


Practicality and ease of taking

Taking a capsule or tablet of minoxidil is more convenient and faster than applying the topical product, making it easier to incorporate into your daily treatment routine.


Less skin exposure

By not requiring direct application to the scalp, oral minoxidil minimizes scalp and skin exposure to the product, reducing the risk of skin irritation or sensitivity.


Stability and durability:

Oral minoxidil capsules or tablets have a longer shelf life and are less likely to be wasted, spilled, or evaporated compared to the topical solution.


Easy transportation and portability:

Oral minoxidil comes in safe and compact packaging, making it easy to carry in a purse, backpack or pocket, making it a practical option for people who travel frequently.


Lower risk of inappropriate applications:

Oral administration avoids the risk of over-applying or applying to unwanted areas, as can happen with topical minoxidil.


Greater comfort and cleanliness:

By not requiring topical application, oral minoxidil avoids the sticky or greasy sensation associated with topical minoxidil.

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